Vinit Kumar

One Year at Job

I joined Changer on Feb 2013. Today I completed my first year at full time employment. It has been nothing but amazing.

Setup Macvim for Maximum awesomeness

I have been using vim for almost 5 years now. For some time, I even switched to Sublime text2 but I am finally back home. Well, the following guide is only for macs. Sorry GVIM users! Here is the latest screenshot of my macvim:

2013 Year In Review

2013 is easily one of the most amazing year of my life. In January I interviewed for my current company and was offered to join them in Feb which I did. Well a lot did happen after that. It was my first Full Time job. I used to freelance as a Web/App Developer before which was fun. But I didn’t wanted to just sit alone at home and work. So I joined Changer precisely 11 months and the journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Simplicity in things

I have always been a great fan of things around me that are simple to use and understand. Infact, each one of us appreciate things when they are simple. But life ain’t so simple.So what should be done?

Classes in JS

Here is an interesting example for Classes in JS. Classes in JS don’t have a class keyword.