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Vinit Kumar

Moving from Vim to NeoVim

June 05, 2021

Why Move?

Neovim has made significant progress in last 6 months (I am using 0.5-dev branch as my daily driver for more than 6 months now). There has been a significant number of good plugins (e.g. Telescope) and many others (some of them are just lua based).

At present, I have a pretty great Vim setup and a nice NeoVim setup too. However, my neovim config is vim script based, but I want to use Lua for config. For this, I will start porting my init.vim to init.lua and switch completely to lua for all my vim config needs. Lua is a nice little language, and it would be fun getting good at it and at the same time have good fun.

I want to get the autocomplete story in Neovim better or at par with what I have vim (COC.nvim and Vim). I could just use COC in neovim too, but I want to use the native LSP in Neovim for this purpose. My goal is to ultimately reduce the config to a minimum and settle on a small list of plugins which I can go with zone whenever I open my editor.

I’m also experimenting with terminal apps at the moment. I use iTerm2 (most convenient), but also Alacritty and Kitty (It is pretty great except it sucks with SSH, and its author doesn’t want to work on that; hence I uninstalled it). Furthermore, I would prefer not to change the terminal just to SSH.

Following are the requirements and goals for this port

Requirements for port:

  • autocomplete works and is always fast.

Ideal Neovim Setup:

  • Config written in lua
  • Modular, programmable setup
  • Be able to use the latest goodness
  • Ability to write custom plugins
  • Learn Lua

EDIT: I have moved to Neovim completely. Here is my pure LUA config and I think I really like using Neovim. Here is the configuration that if you are interested to take a look. (https://github.com/vinitkumar/nvim)

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