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Vinit Kumar

What Makes A Great Programmer Great?

June 05, 2021

Qualities Of A Great Programmer

  • They know at least a couple of languages pretty well.
  • Think before they code.
  • Do version control properly and have expertise in Git, Mercurial
  • Write code comments, review comments nicely and clearly.
  • Their experience compounds, and they ensure that they note at least one new thing they learnt on a day.
  • Their notes have tags, so that they are easily searchable and filterable.
  • They can read an algorithm and implement it
  • They read and review good and proven techniques and absorb them in their code.
  • They code for limited hours most of the time and can maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • They are good at data structures and understand algorithms well, especially if they are system or backend engineers.
  • Excellent technical design, problem-solving, debugging, and communication skills
  • Significant experience in systems side of software development including one or more of the following: highly scalable infrastructure, distributed systems, database engines.
  • Thorough understanding of computer architecture, memory models, and algorithms design.
  • Proven ability to create componentized, well-architected software at a component level.
  • Demonstrated experience in shipping high-quality products and services is a plus
  • Previous experience with web services, storage, distributed systems and system-level programming, as well as leadership skills and experience is a plus.

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