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Coding principles every engineer should know

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How To Manage Infra in 2019

Infra is one of the most host topics in the Software development these days. There are so many tools, so much to learn that very few people actually know what to do and what the best practises. Everyone wants to jump on the microservice bandwagon. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. I medidated quite a bit on this and have come up with these points that I think are maybe some good to follow tips:

Tooling Considered Harmful

We are a big fan of tools. We use them daily in almost everything, but at one point in time, they pollute our mental space so much that we just forget to think and do as the tools dictate. A common example could be smart-phone. It was meant to keep us mobile and connected but now, it has become so dominant and addictive that it is more of a bane than boon.

6 years of full time job

Today, I am completing 6 years of my full time employment with Socialschools. It has been an incredibly long time and there has been highs and lows but mostly it has been a great experience writing code and having fun while doing it. I am very proud of the product I have helped build and make it succeed.

Converting LaTex to PDF on macOS

I have been writing my resume in LaTeX for more than a decade now. Writing your resume in LaTex has it’s own benefits. You can check it out here:

Using React with djangoCMS 3.5.2

React is one of the most useful frontend library out there. At Socialschools, we use React to render some content using our API from App server. It has been in production since June last year and it is really amazing building neat stuff using both React and djangoCMS.

Important Values

As humans, I think it is pretty important that we sometimes look deep into the soul and see what defines us and what is the value-system we believe in.

Four years of Full time job

So on 1st February 2017, I completed my fourth year working for Socialschools.

Some New Learnings

Software Engineering comes with a lot of good learning opportunities. First you learn how to write something by reading tutorials, watching videos etc, Then down the time you learn some new ways to do the same thing and you are blown by it. But only after some days you actually encounter the real hard problem in Computer Science. Some of them are:

Open Source

I joined github in 2010 and it has been my primary source for reading and writing code. I took my baby steps doing open source programming reading others code and it has been a good source of knowledge for me. Since then I have written quite some open source software. I have written some javascript, python and go code and shared those projects in github. Open Source has quite some good benefits as it gives you a nice place to hack on things that fancy your imagination.

Why I Write Code

I think I was hardly 10 years old when I wrote my first line of code. It was probably some IBM PC and the language was LOGO. It was so much fun. Next, It was GW Basic, then Java and then C/C++/Python. I have been writing code professionally for 5 years now and I still enjoy writing code.

Clean Up Your Mac From Other Files


GPS Tracking on Android

Like everybody else, I have an Android phone too. If you are a developer you must have noticed a file called as GPS.LOG. It is the one file which has all your GPS logs in it. This weekend I spend couple of hours hacking with it. He is the outcome.

How it went?

Hello People!

Better Time Management At Work

Time management is a key quality of any successful person. I have been working pretty hard these days to improve me efficiency. Today, I have decided to follow this pattern while at work.

On Writing Good Code

Whether you are working for a big software company or a small sized startup, writing good code is pretty much critical to your success. But the catch is it is not very easy to achieve without proper motivation from your side.

How To Get Readonly Mode In Django

Last week, I came across an interesting problem at work. The problem was:

Setting Up Emacs for Development

I always wanted to use Emacs. Yesterday, I wanted to have a good JavaScript/Node REPL in my editor. Though I had always used Vim since last 5 years still setting up a REPL in Vim is not very easy. So I decided to give Emacs a try and till now I am enjoying using Emacs.

Be Awesome

I write a lot about technical jargon even on my personal blog. For a change, this post is nowhere close to it. As time passes by my thinking and maturity level has improved. I am able to see things that were invisible to me before.

One Year at Job

I joined Changer on Feb 2013. Today I completed my first year at full time employment. It has been nothing but amazing.

Setup Macvim for Maximum awesomeness

I have been using vim for almost 5 years now. For some time, I even switched to Sublime text2 but I am finally back home. Well, the following guide is only for macs. Sorry GVIM users! Here is the latest screenshot of my macvim:

2013 Year In Review

2013 is easily one of the most amazing year of my life. In January I interviewed for my current company and was offered to join them in Feb which I did. Well a lot did happen after that. It was my first Full Time job. I used to freelance as a Web/App Developer before which was fun. But I didn’t wanted to just sit alone at home and work. So I joined Changer precisely 11 months and the journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Simplicity in things

I have always been a great fan of things around me that are simple to use and understand. Infact, each one of us appreciate things when they are simple. But life ain’t so simple.So what should be done?

Classes in JS

Here is an interesting example for Classes in JS. Classes in JS don’t have a class keyword.

Buying New Books

In the span of two days I have ordered three books:

One Month Hacking

After a lot of meditation about what I have achieved in last one year, I have stumbled upon one fact. I need to hack a lot more on Python and JavaScript. These are two main languages I am comfortable with and almost all my projects and official work is done with them.

New Theme For My Blog

So this week, I wrote a new theme for my blog. One big reason was that using theme created by others were not fitting my needs and I was not inspired to write anymore. This was odd because in general I love writing posts on my blog.

I Have Grown

Last few months has been really great for me. I think i am starting to grow as a developer and I know now how important is to keep performing at a certain level. The change started occurring when i gave up my comfort zone and started doing front-end mainly.It was a bit difficult in beginning to understand a design from a designer’s perspective and to convert it into running efficient code.

Life At A Startup

Last few months has been really exciting for me. Since, i joined Changer on 1st February. Here are some things i learnt in these 5 months:

This Could Be Some Plan

I recently read a blog by Jeff Atwood that there is no such people as Rock-star programmer.These are people who could write cleaner code, refactor faster than anyone else, write a lot of tested code and methodology. This means each of one has a scope to get better as a developer.

Work Ethics

Work has a really important role in anyone’s life. I feel there are some things that really help us do our work nicely.

What is on my mind?

These days i had a great time working on some pretty good projects in both office and home. I will talk about my personal projects for obvious reasons. Well, the primary goal currently is to fix the existing projects, test them and add CI support for all of them.

My Current Projects

These days i was busy working on an a project called as Node Twitter. As the name suggest it is a twitter clone written on node.

My Setup

I am doing The Setup interview for myself. It is basically based on these four questions:

Single Machine Work-flow


New projects

In last couple of days, i noticed there was no good planning for my personal projects and there were lots of loose ends. So i finally cleaned up my Github.

Django plugin open sourced

There are lot of useful plugins for Django CMS. Well, this plugin let you use the images from a Facebook Album. Currently it supports fetching images from Photo Album of a Facebook Page.

Django plugin and Google command line project open sourced

Maintaining and contributing to an Open Source Project is a very important part of a developers life. Luckily, i am in a Company that gives me full liberty to contribute and in fact we have a Open Source day(Friday) where we could open source reusable components of project we have been working on to the open source audience.

My First flight

So finally, I am going for a week long vacation and it has finally begun. On Air India flight to Delhi and From Delhi to Ranchi. Well this vacation is special for a lots of good reason. First of all, this is my first flight. Also , this is first vacation since i have started working at Changer Technologies, Pune.

Twitter in NodeJS

I am thinking to make a twitter like application as a learning exercise to get better at node. It will on usual nodejs based stack, since i am actively learning that now. More details will be blogged as i progress.

JavaScript is super awesome

I started programming JavaScript seriously in September 2012 and i never ever wondered that it will affect my life so much. Well, it started with me working on developing a Chrome Extension for a E-commerce/Social media app. Chrome is quite different for development. There are lots of APIs to learn and there are quite a few security restrictions. Also, there is only one language that you can use to develop it i.e JavaScript.

Linux to Mac

A lot of things have changed recently. I converted from a hardcore Linux user to Mac lover. I got a high end Macbook from Office.