Vinit Kumar

2013 Year In Review

01 Jan 2014

2013 is easily one of the most amazing year of my life. In January I interviewed for my current company and was offered to join them in Feb which I did. Well a lot did happen after that. It was my first Full Time job. I used to freelance as a Web/App Developer before which was fun. But I didn’t wanted to just sit alone at home and work. So I joined Changer precisely 11 months and the journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Well, I did a lot of things first time in my life last year:

Well, in the technological field. This year was an amazinging one. I did learnt a lot and grown as a developer. I am a big supporter of OSS and luckily my company has the same outlook.

Here is a small lists of the projects I opened Sourced on Github:

You can check all of them on my Github profile. @vinitkumar

During the course of their development, collaborated with a lot of people across the globe and made some nice friendship. In everyway this year has been a really nice and special one for me and I would thank every single person for being nice to me.