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My name is Vinit Kumar, and I'm a Staff Engineer at Socialschools Websites Team.

I have written a multi-tenant backend system that scales to more than 50m requests/month and powers a profitable business.

I lead the development and architecture of a multi-tenant CMS at Socialschools B.V. I have more than 9 years of experience writing backend in Django for a couple of successful products and numerous client projects. You can download my resume here. My strength is in coming up with simple solutions for difficult problems.

I enjoy reading books, and spending time with family. I live in Pune with my family. My wife Rituparna Dey is founder of a Digital Marketing Company ScoopHubs.com

I contribute to some open source software and you can browse them at my github profile vinitkumar. If you use twitter, you can follow me vinitkme on twitter. I am also on LinkedIn.

If you use any of my OSS software, please consider sponsoring my work ❤️ , so that I can justify spending time on OSS that benefits you all. You can sponsor me on my opencollective here.

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