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Vinit Kumar

Some Very Important Values I believe in

May 19, 2018

As humans, I think it is pretty important that we sometimes look deep into the soul and see what defines us and what is the value-system we believe in.

Here are values I believe in. Remember this is not an all exhaustive list and I might update it later.

  • Spread love, not hate.

  • Empathy is a very important quality.

  • Do not engage in useless arguments, name calling, trolling.

  • Life is too short to stay angry on anyone or anything for too long.

  • Be punctual and respect other’s time as well.

  • Do not reply in haste, especially when you are angry.

  • Be easy on yourself.

  • Life is one of the greatest gifts, value it, cherish it.

  • Smile often, care about those around you.

  • Never leave an opportunity for a random act of kindness.

  • Surround yourself with what you love and block all negativity that bothers you.

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