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Vinit Kumar

Why I Love Writing Code So Much

August 06, 2015

I think I was hardly 10 years old when I wrote my first line of code. It was probably some IBM PC and the language was LOGO. It was so much fun. Next, It was GW Basic, then Java and then C/C++/Python. I have been writing code professionally for 5 years now and I still enjoy writing code.

I enjoy solving tough problems with code. It gives such a great high when I solve something that seems very difficult at the moment.

Last year has been very hectic and I haven’t given much time on writing code on things I enjoy personally the most(side projects).

Well, I am still figuring out my dreams at the moment but very soon I will have a clear idea of how and what I want to become in future.

But there is one thing that is sure, I would change the world for better than how I found it.

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