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Vinit Kumar

How To Be An Awesome Human Being

March 27, 2014

I write a lot about technical jargon even on my personal blog. For a change, this post is nowhere close to it. As time passes by my thinking and maturity level has improved. I am able to see things that were invisible to me before.

I have learned to control my anger and frustration over things I should not have been upset about in the first place. Control over our actions and anger is important. These two things are very easy to loose but with practise these can become your strength.

These days I have realized the worth of good health and fit body. Since the day, I started going to gym i could really feel the difference in my energy level and awareness. Software development is a really hard profession. There are numerous possibility of getting burnout. After working for three direct months from October, somewhere around January it hit me hard. I was shying away form hard issues, felt tired very soon. Then I realized that all I did in past three months is just code, code and code. Nothing else at all. Even on weekends I was busy with my personal projects. It gives a kick when you immerse yourself in programming. But if you ignore your body and mental health. It will come to bite you.

Since then I started paying more attention to my health and hence started making full use of my Gym Membership. Another thing that I am trying to work on these days is to work only 9-5 on normal days. It might sound strange but if I want to maintain a healthy work life balance, this is a must. Wake up early, commute to office, give solid 8 hours of disciplined work, come back up home, relax, go to gym, watch some TV. These are simple things, but with Good impact.

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