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Vinit Kumar

2013 Year In Review

January 01, 2014

2013 is easily one of the most amazing year of my life. In January I interviewed for my current company and was offered to join them in Feb which I did. Well a lot did happen after that. It was my first Full Time job. I used to freelance as a Web/App Developer before which was fun. But I didn’t wanted to just sit alone at home and work. So I joined Changer precisely 11 months and the journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Well, I did a lot of things first time in my life last year:

  • Went home on a flight. Had never done it before, It’s an amazing

experience. Got my B.E. degree in Civil Engineering in the same trip.

  • Travelled to Mumbai. Such an amazing and vibrant city.
  • Owned a Macbook Pro, HTC android phone, Steelseries Headphones, Dell

monitor before the year’s end. I am a gadget freak so these things mean a lot to me.

  • Learnt a lot about Software development process and programming in

general. Courtesy these amazingly talented people at Office.

  • Bought some classic CS books such as SICP, AOCP. Even reading a couple

of chapters gives you so much insight. It is an amazing feeling.

  • With all the happy and not so happy moments last year, I have learnt

to appreciate life, time and importance of hard work.

  • I was always an optimist but now I have matured as hard working


Well, in the technological field. This year was an amazinging one. I did learnt a lot and grown as a developer. I am a big supporter of OSS and luckily my company has the same outlook.

Here is a small lists of the projects I opened Sourced on Github:

  • Simple - Jekyll theme for hackers. Simple yet very features rich, SEO

friendly, Developer oriented theme.

  • ldb.js - Thin wrapper on HTML5 localStorage.
  • pagination.js - jQuery Pagination plugin that is used in SocialSchools.
  • node-modular-demo - A sample demo out of TJ’s video that shows the way

of doing modular nodejs development. angular-team-profile - A nice team profile viewer built on AngularJS. It uses Github’s API as backend. Also, built an Android app for the same using Phonegap.

  • node-twitter: A twitter clone written with node, express and mongodb.

This was one of the nice project i did. Looking forward to refactor and rewrite this app in this month.

  • offline-sync: This again helps you to build HTML5 apps with offline

sync capability.

  • cmsplugin-fbalbum: This was my first attempt at writing Django CMS

plugin. This plugin helps you to use Facebook as your media source and image upload service. So you save your valueable money and time.

  • crawler: Rewrote a crawler in Python, that I have written earlier.

Much cleaner and maintainable.

  • project boilerplate: Nodejs project boilerplate
  • todoapp: Todoapp built with angularjs in the beginning of year.
  • JSON2XML: A very handy, lightweight and efficient module written in

in python to convery JSON data to XML.

You can check all of them on my Github profile. @vinitkumar

During the course of their development, collaborated with a lot of people across the globe and made some nice friendship. In everyway this year has been a really nice and special one for me and I would thank every single person for being nice to me.

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