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Vinit Kumar

How I value Simplicity in things

December 28, 2013

I have always been a great fan of things around me that are simple to use and understand. Infact, each one of us appreciate things when they are simple. But life ain’t so simple.So what should be done?

Well, we could reduce a lot of clutter on personal level is invading our life. These days I am getting upset or even irritated seeing some people posting crap on their Social Network. Social Networks were a great thing to share knowledge and information, but their over usage has just destroyed their true purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them, just that I don’t appreciate them polluting my life and making it more and more complex.

I started experiencing these things about an year ago. After using Facebook or almost 5 years (joined on 2007) I finally stop using it actively and these days mostly use for work purposes or on Social compulsion. But I don’t enjoy using them a bit. Not even a bit.

I feel life has much higher purpose. We are here to solve problems, create life better. Not to make it depressing or distasteful. I like meeting my friends in person, have a beer or grab some dinner. I don’t just want to keep liking their photos and exhubrant display of their life and get bored. Hell No.

I was meditating about the fact that technology is here to serve us and make our life easier. Not that we are meant to be hopeless retards taking whatever the technology is making us do. It really upsets me seeing that fact people respond so emotionally to all the PR stunts by different sets of people and do things that any sensible person won’t even think about doing.

I realize lot of people from our generation has lost touch with reality and never think deeply about anything.A political party sets up page on Facebook and every goes madly running after them. Why? Because it’s the latest FAD to do so? Do most of the people even understand anything about their agenda. Well, mostly they don’t even have a clue.

Well, I don’t really have any hope for these people who don’t see these things but I would be glad if anyone ponders about these things by reading this post.

Also, I would continue to take measures to stop this information overload and would strive to make my life simple, purposeful and happy to live.

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