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Vinit Kumar

I Am Buying Some New Books

December 03, 2013

In the span of two days I have ordered three books:

  • The Art of Computer Programming (Volume 1, 2 and 3)
  • SICP
  • The Art of Readable code

These are considered best book in Computer Science and I am waiting eagerly to lay my hands on them. I will also need to brush up my mathematics.

Well, AOCP is considered the toughest book to understand so my plan is to keep reading it slowly and steadily. But I would like to complete TARC and SICP in the coming 6 months.

For solving the exercise in SICP, I would use Clojure since it is the new hotness and runs on JVM. For TARC, I would be using my main programming language I code at work and work( Python and JavaScript).

I hope the coming months to be exciting and informative. It is said that some decisions impact your life in a great manner and I would like this to be one of them.

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