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Vinit Kumar

One Month Hacking Experiment

December 01, 2013

After a lot of meditation about what I have achieved in last one year, I have stumbled upon one fact. I need to hack a lot more on Python and JavaScript. These are two main languages I am comfortable with and almost all my projects and official work is done with them.

Well, here are some small ideas about how I am going to achieve this:

  • Read a lot of Good code. I will spend at least 1 hour everyday reading some really awesome python code.
  • Write a lot of commonly used utilities in Python. For example: Automate at least one of the task I daily do using Python.
  • Read Django Documentation and toy with it.
  • Write PEP8 compliant code.

These were the ideas for Python, Now for JavaScript:

  • Give a solid foundation to my understanding of prototypical inheritance in JavaScript.
  • Write a lot of Backbone and some really good jQuery Code.
  • Read some really good code and write some coffeeScript as well.
  • Learn writing good unit tests in Jasmine and Mocha.

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