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Vinit Kumar

I Have Grown As A Person And A Software Engineer

November 15, 2013

Last few months has been really great for me. I think i am starting to grow as a developer and I know now how important is to keep performing at a certain level. The change started occurring when i gave up my comfort zone and started doing front-end mainly.It was a bit difficult in beginning to understand a design from a designer’s perspective and to convert it into running efficient code.

I also know now that everything is important and every contribution you do in a company is worthwhile and it is worth putting all your energy in doing whatever you are doing.

Now, i am looking forward to get expert level knowledge in whatever stack/technology i get to work on. One need to be always learning and improving. I am definitely more focussed now and my goal is to do some really nice work on the products i work on.

Recently, i made the main website of your product Socialschools with my very talented designer colleague Robert. It was real fun converting his great design into pixel perfect and functional website. I enjoy writing every line of code that i get to code because this is what i love to code.

P.S. I am a Civil Engineer by education, but have always loved computer so naturally was inclined to write softwares.

That’s it for now. Will post more about it later sometimes. You can follow the latest on twitter if you like my posts or what i say. @vinitkme .

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