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Vinit Kumar

Life At A Startup

July 02, 2013

Last few months has been really exciting for me. Since, i joined Changer on 1st February. Here are some things i learnt in these 5 months:

  • I should try to learn and own the stack i am working on. Trying to do a lot of things at a time is not going to help much.
  • Contributing a lot to open source is a good thing and i am lucky my company encourages me to do so.
  • I should write a lot of code and read a lot more. i should invest time in learning and understanding my product.
  • I should think about code quality and maintainability before i write a single line of code. It is tough things to get right at first, but with hard work i could achieve this.
  • Having good understanding and relationship with the people i daily work with is important. It is must to have a smile on my face.
  • I must have fun with what i do. Period!

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