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Vinit Kumar

Some of the important work ethics I believe in

June 16, 2013

Work has a really important role in anyone’s life. I feel there are some things that really help us do our work nicely.

  • Arrive on time. Don’t be late without giving a heads up to the other party.

  • Think logically before making any decision.

  • Keep the communication lines open.

  • If you are facing a difficulty admit it, don’t let your ego come in between.

  • There are always things that could be difficult, persistent hard work is the only way to crack them.

  • Don’t fall victim of easy goals, work with full passion on whatever you have decided.

  • Don’t think much about other things, just concentrate on your work.

Most important things:

  • No work is too small, everything teaches you something new.

  • Life is too small to waste on useless arguments.

  • Keep your mouth shut when you don’t have something useful to contribute.

  • Read books, improve your skills.

  • Challenge your limits.

  • Read well, write well.

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