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Vinit Kumar

I love a single machine workflow

May 26, 2013


  • More focus, less distraction
  • personal
  • Skill developed for handling lot of things in less resource effectively.
  • Get better in typing and using mac more productively.

How to:

  • Use 75% to 100% code window in sublime when needed.
  • Use full browser window
  • Music and everything else is minimized.
  • Distraction free mode in sublime when required.
  • Use different desktops for coding, shell and browser.

Refrain from these:

  • Don’t use a monitor to break this rhythm.
  • Don’t use a monitor unless you need to show something that can be shown in laptop.

Hello Hello! I am Vinit Kumar. I am a software engineer who loves making computers do things and admires good books, music, art and coffee. You can read more about me. Find my resume, values and code here.

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