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Vinit Kumar

Some plans about new project

April 30, 2013

In last couple of days, i noticed there was no good planning for my personal projects and there were lots of loose ends. So i finally cleaned up my Github.

Here are some of ground rules for projects on Github:

  • Don’t open source a project until the project has got unit test, wikis and sample application (if it is a application project) hosted.

  • Integrate CI like travis and jenkins with all of them.

  • Do all the immature , experimental projects on Bitbucket.

  • Write good, clean , pragmatic code in the projects on Github.

  • Look for bugs and spend more time on projects seriously.

  • Strictly follow Git-Flow on all your projects.

Blog about your latest work or maintain the wiki for the project every work. At the end of week review your work.

I am a software engineer who loves making computers do things and admires good books, music, art and coffee. You can read more about me. Find my resume, values and code here.

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