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Vinit Kumar

My first experience flying on a plane

April 07, 2013

So finally, I am going for a week long vacation and it has finally begun. On Air India flight to Delhi and From Delhi to Ranchi. Well this vacation is special for a lots of good reason. First of all, this is my first flight. Also , this is first vacation since i have started working at Changer Technologies, Pune.

I have never been to Mumbai and Delhi before, so this trip i will be visiting both of these places. It has been so long since i have been at Home and out of everything i miss my home’s food and family the most.

Well, according to me there is just one way to live life and that is to live life to fullest. Work hard, and go on vacations. Spend good time with family and friends. There are not many chances we get to do those in a lifetime. So, life it to fullest, while it lasts.

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