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Vinit Kumar

How I converted from a hardcore Linux fan to Mac user

March 24, 2013

A lot of things have changed recently. I converted from a hardcore Linux user to Mac lover. I got a high end Macbook from Office.

There are quite some reasons for my fondness with mac :

  • The OS X is quite good and amazingly stable.
  • UI and UX is quite good once you get used to it.
  • Almost every applications and tools under the sun is available to you.
  • No messing up with hardwares, just connect and play.
  • Awesome battery life, i could easily get 8 hours battery backup with this sweet machine.
  • 13-inch is an awesome form factor.

Also, i recently got myself a HTC Desire X Android Smart phone. It is a lovely piece of hardware. Not big or bulky. At 4-inch screen i have enough screen estate to do whatever i can do. Camera is good as well. All together i am quite satisfied with my phone. Did i mention Beats Audio? It is an excellent addition to my phone. I spend quite some time traveling to office and it seems to be a great feeling to listen to music while traveling.

Though i still love my 2 year old dell and Nokia E5. Some repair and polishing is required and i will sure give them their due in right time.

I love my hardware and doesn’t everyone else does too.

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